Grow your business, and dramatically improve the way you engage with your clients.

RIACloud® is a simple easy-to-use platform that helps non-marketing, financial advisors and RIA’s become more effective at generating and nurturing leads so that they can add greater value to their advisor teams and their business. RIACloud’s® customizable features also helps RIA’s to differentiate themselves from other investment advisors and stand out from the crowd.

Fresh financial content delivered digitally.

More than just design, we know that educated investors make better financial decisions when they receive accurate and non-biased information on a regular basis from their advisor, not the media. That’s why RIACloud® has partnered with FreshFinance®, one of the nation’s best full-service financial services industry publishers, to arm advisors with fresh, FINRA-compliant content each month on a range of available topics, including;

• Financial and retirement planning
• Lifestyle articles
• Legacy and succession planning
• Special circumstances- marriage,
• Divorce, death
• Advisory services
• Financial concepts and product

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• Veriday’s RIACloud® advisor website builder makes it easy for you to build exceptional online experiences for your clients and prospects with web designs that are mobile-friendly, accessible and include customizable forms for critical lead generation activities.

• Add your logos, colour scheme, and customize RIACloud’s® website themes to fit your brand.

• Our user-friendly content management system (CMS) allows you to edit content on the fly. Create engaging pieces of content, calls to actions, videos, content publishing for blogs and social sharing capabilities.

• RIACloud® also provides a comprehensive set of SEO capabilities that help boost search rankings and improve your websites visibility on the Internet.

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• Elevate your demand generation and nurturing campaigns with our integrated e-mail campaign builder. With RIACloud® you can quickly build email newsletters pulling content from our library of pre-approved FINRA-compliant content and templates.

• Leverage best practices and dynamic thought leadership content to send highly personalized communications.

• Send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. Use segmentation to target emails to similar contacts and provide them with content they care most about. Even send multilingual campaigns without the need for additional language software.

• Track campaign metrics through the built-in dashboard to monitor delivery, open and click-through rates.

FINRA Compliant Content Library:

• Client-centered articles, content and videos all designed to position your advisors as authorities on a range of topics from investing to retirement.

• Our content library includes hundreds of articles which cover various topics from Insurance, Wealth Management, and Client Experience. Every month, new articles get added to the database.

Auto-Archiving for stress-free audits:

Auto- archiving of all web pages, third-party links, and audit trail of changes and approvals of content for auditing purposes.

Quickly and efficiently retrieve the data of any Digital Agent website in HTML or plain text format.

Using features like our visual editor and filters, marketing departments can easily and efficiently respond to audit requests with just a few clicks.

Measurable Marketing Insights

Analyze and report on the performance of campaigns and how marketing efforts are driving engagement. Use our built-in dashboards and drill into specific details by campaign or view data through our integration with Google analytics.

Veriday Customer Success Team

Our dedicated service team will be there to hold your hand through the entire setup process. Have a question about SEO or where to source imagery? Our staff is just a phone call away. We also have an entire knowledge center to help as well!

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